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Yr 10 & 11 Field Trip Chiang Mai

This past weekend the students of Year 10 & 11 flew to experience the delights of Chiang Mai. The students were immersed into local cultures at CBT Tailue Luangnue. Here the students were exposed to local traditions including songs, making clothes and even making breakfast the next morning. There was also a short excursion to a local temple and dam to breathe in the clean country air. The students then travelled to the grand canyon water park, a giant water park full of inflatables, ziplining, slide and of course wobbly teenagers falling into the water! We finished the excursion in the city near Phra Sing Temple and got stuck into some shopping at the market. The students and teachers of Krabi International School would like to thank @CBTTailueLuange, @grandcnyonwaterpark and @phrasingretro for your hospitality and making our field trip a success!