Situated within a fifteen-minute drive of Ao-Nang and a twenty-minute drive from Krabi town; our campus is conveniently located for all. The 15 rai plot of land is set 100m+ from the main road thereby providing a very private and safe location. View Map here. The buildings are custom built based on the recommendations of experienced primary and secondary school head teachers. Common to both schools is our ‘real grass’ 120m x 32m sports pitch and running track. This will be complimented with a gymnasium complete with a climbing wall and gym plus a 25m swimming pool with changing rooms.

The primary school is a single storey design that is both simple and modern to be in-tune with needs of our younger pupils. Including an administration block together with the teachers’ office, nurses’ room, reception, storage and security guard room. There are six large 48sqm classrooms plus an undercover assembly area and an iconic custom-built playground; which meets European standards.

The secondary school is of similar design to the primary school although, using two-storey buildings. In total there will be twelve large 48sqm classrooms, an 84sqm high standard laboratory and an engineering workshop, all surrounding the student courtyard.

The Science block was completed in July 2018 and consists of three large 48sqm classrooms and a huge 84sqm science lab fully kitted out to the high standards required for Cambridge ‘A’ level.

The Secondary Administration building will be built to accommodate a full administration team, a meeting room and management offices. It will also be equipped with a covered assembly/canteen area served by a large modern kitchen which will have the capacity to serve 350 kids plus staff per day.

The Engineering block that will be similar to the Science block in class size and will allow our students get proper hands-on practical experience in subjects such as design technology, wood & metal work and robotics. Additionally, there will be an Academic block comprising of six 48sqm classrooms.

Krabi International School Campus

Krabi International School Buildings

The campus will be built in five phases:

Phase 1: COMPLETED! This includes the primary school and primary administration block.
Phase 2: COMPLETED! Sports track and field, primary school modern climbing frame, parent café, ground staff workshop and hydroponic farm.
Phase 3: COMPLETED! Secondary science block.
Phase 4: Swimming pool, engineering & academic blocks and administration block.
Phase 5: The undercover gymnasium.