Fee Policy

Below is a detailed explanation of our fee system including our invoicing schedule and refund policy. All fees are per student unless noted otherwise and subject to change.

If for any reason there is a difficulty in paying fees we highly recommend that you contact the school immediately, wherever possible a payment plan will be considered and put into place. By delaying payment, you will be subject to interest charges and late fees and; by not communicating, their child eventually losing their place at the school.

Application Fee:

This processing fee is to be paid when the initial application of the student is made. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Admission Fee:

The admission fee is a one-time charge to cover all administration and capital fees to register your child with our school and the relevant authorities. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Security Deposit:

This security deposit is charged per child and is refundable following graduation or on permanent withdrawal from the school. This fee is subject to the refund policy. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Tuition Fee:

For all new students an invoice for tuition shall be issued after application acceptance and payable prior to starting school. For students already enrolled and receiving tuition at the school the invoice for the following term shall be issued shortly after half term holidays of the preceding term. For example: – Term 2 invoice will be issued shortly after half term holiday of Term 1. 30-day credit terms shall be given to all students who are in good credit standing. The school may also issue invoices on an ad-hoc basis for other items such as, but not limited to external exam fees, school uniforms, non-domestic or special school trips etc. Payments can be made via telegraphic transfer, cheque or cash at the school.

  • Basic school fees are inclusive of:
    • Full tuition during normal school hours as posted on school timetable
    • All course books, work books and other shared learning material
    • Note: course books are to be returned in a good condition at the end of the term / year
    • Healthy lunch and simple snacks are provided by the canteen
    • Accident insurance providing up to 10,000 baht of coverage per child per claim
    • Local domestic school trips as planned by the school
  • There will be additional fees for:
    • School minibus service, details of bus routes and charges will be released on a regular basis
    • External examination fees by third parties
    • School trips outside of the local area or involving specialist training
    • Private Tuition outside of school hours including intensive language courses
    • Specialist and / or non-standard exam equipment
    • School uniform and apparel, these can be purchased at the school
    • Exercise books, personal books such as dictionaries and other stationary such as pens, pencils, rulers, calculators etc
    • Summer School and related activities

Minimum Charge:

The minimum charge is one full term of tuition with the exception of the initial term of tuition when the student first arrives at the school. In such cases the tuition fee for that initial term will be calculated using the mid-term discount sheet. Following the initial first term any partial term leave will not be deducted for tuition fees for any reason and said term shall be treated and charged as a full term.

Annual Payment:

An additional discount applies to tuition fees when a full school year is paid. This can only be utilised when Term 1 tuition is due and may not be utilised if a student joins the school during the school year.

Less Than Termly Payment

Normally tuition fees should be paid termly, however in certain circumstances half termly or monthly payment plans are available. Due to the increase in administration any payment plan less than termly will be subject to a 3% administration fee.

  • Invoicing and credit terms are as follows:
    • Half termly; For students already enrolled and receiving tuition at the school the invoice for the following half term shall be issued shortly after start of the preceding half term. For example: – Term 2 (1st half) invoice will be issued at the start of Term 1 (2nd half) or Term 2 (2nd half) invoice will be issued at the start of Term 2 (1st half). 30-day credit terms shall be given.
    • Monthly; For students already enrolled and receiving tuition at the school the invoice for the following month shall be issued during the first week of the preceding month. For example: – Invoice for February tuition shall be issued during the first week of January. 15-day credit terms shall be given.

Payment methods:

Payment can be made via cash in the administration office. Via electronic transfer to our bank, details as follows:
Bank name: Siam Commercial Bank,
Acc. Name: TIS Holdings Co., ltd,
Account #: 801-226918-5

Payment via cheque is also accepted, made payable to TIS Holdings Co., Ltd. Alternatively, we can accept Visa or MasterCard, payment by credit cards will incur an additional 3% fee.

Student & Guardian Visa:

The school shall assist the student and guardian(s) with documentation required by the Thai immigration department and / or Thai embassies in foreign countries one time per calendar year free of any charge. This service does not include any charges that are imposed by any government agency or commercial agents related to such visa and / or visa extension and any such charge is the responsibility of the student or guardian. Assistance for the guardian visa shall only be provided if processed at the same time of the student.

If the student or guardian requires a second round of assistance within 12 months of the previous application, then a charge of 3,000 baht shall be payable.

Advice on visa’s and visa extension is available at the school office free of charge at any time during the year.

Late Payment Penalties:

There are two late penalty systems in place. The first relates to any invoice for any item or service that is not paid within the due date listed on the invoice. In such cases a charge of 0.5% per week from invoice date will be added to the monies owed if not paid on or before the due date.

Additionally, late payment for tuition fees will incur a second charge of 1,000 Thai baht per week after the due date.


One full term’s notice, in writing to the School Administration, is required for any student leaving the school whether that be permanent or temporary removal. Notice must be received at the very latest by the first day of the term prior to the term that the student plans to leave the school. Verbal notice will not be accepted. Once notice has been received then resources will not be ordered for the following term. A request to reverse the decision may be lodged however a school position cannot be guaranteed and there maybe additional costs to special order resources. Consecutive notices will not be accepted.


Tuition fees and security deposits are refundable; no other fee or charge is subject to a refund. Refunds shall be made at least 30 days after the end of notice periods and / or after the departure of the student from the school. Any bank charges relating to the refund shall be deducted from the refund. All outstanding invoices and any discount made void due to early departure will be deducted from the refund.

  • Tuition fees may be refunded under the following circumstances:
    • When one full term notice has been given and no tuition has been provided within the term(s) claimed for refund. If a student has received any tuition within any school term or less than one term notice has been given, then refund for that term will not be considered. If the original fee was subject to any special discount for yearly payment, then said discount will be removed and deducted from the refund.
  • The security deposit is fully refundable under the following circumstances:
    • When a student has attended one full school year of tuition; and
    • When one full term notice has been given (Note: deposit will be lost if correct notice not given); or
    • Upon the graduation from the school (completion of year 11 and / or year 13); or
    • When the school requires the student to leave for reasons other than disciplinary.

In the case when a student attends for less than one school year but more than one term and when one full term notice has been given then 50% of the deposit shall be refundable.

When a security deposit is refunded or is forfeited in lieu of sufficient notice the student has effectively terminated tuition with the school and will forfeit any special discount rights they had. If the student wishes to re-enter the school, then the student shall be liable for all fees as a new student.