School Tuition Fees and Costs at Krabi International School

School Fees

Below is our fee schedule for the 2024 / 2025 academic year. We will be following the standard British three-term system. We strive to keep our fee system as transparent and simple as possible, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask by giving us a call or through our contact page.

School Year 2024 – 2025

Prices listed do not include discounts.Yr 1 – 2Yr 3 – 6Yr 7 – 9Yr 10 – Y11Yr 12 – 13
Age groups:5 – 77 – 1111 – 1414 – 1515 – 18
Application fee [1]:10,000
Admission fee [2]:30,000
Security Deposit [3]:50,000 refundable
Term 1:94,000.-99,400.-112,300.-117,700.-121,000.-
Term 2:77,800.-81,000.-93,700.-101,500.-104,300.-
Term 3:77,800.-81,000.-93,700.-101,500.-104,300.-

Note: Prices listed are before any applicable discounts.
Security deposit is only refundable where one full term’s notice is provided in writing no later than the first day of term, or following graduation from Year 11, 12 or 13. No other fees (including tuition fees) can be refunded under any circumstances.


By registering you will be asked to provide us with details of yourself and your children. This does not bind you into any legal contract or financial obligation.

Application Fee:

This non-refundable processing fee is to be paid when the initial application of the student is made. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Admission Fee:

The non-refundable admission fee is a one-time charge to cover all administration and capital fees to register your child with our school and the relevant authorities. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Security Deposit:

This security deposit is charged per child and is refundable following graduation from Year 11, 12 or 13 or on withdrawal from the school provided that a full one term’s notice is given by submitting the official withdrawal form no later than the first day of term. This fee is subject to the refund policy, please see below for more details. No credit terms are offered with this fee and a student cannot start tuition until this is fully paid.

Tuition fees are inclusive of:

Below is a list of what is covered with the tuition fee:

  • Full tuition during normal school hours as posted on school timetable.
  • All course books, workbooks and other shared learning books. Note: course books are to be returned in a good condition at the end of the term and/or year. A charge will be levied if the book is not returned or damaged beyond use.
  • Healthy lunch and simple snacks are provided by the canteen at break times.
  • Accident insurance providing up to 10,000 baht of coverage per child per claim.
  • Domestic school trips as planned by the school.

There are additional fees for:

  • School minibus service, details of bus routes are released on a termly basis.
  • School uniform and other products available in the Café shop such as exercise books, personal books such as dictionaries and other stationary such as pens, pencils, rulers, calculators etc.
  • Student & Guardian Visa Assistance & Additional Ad Hoc Documentation.
  • External examination fees by third parties & specialist and/or non-standard exam equipment.
  • Some school trips outside of the local area or those which involve specialist training.
  • Extracurricular activities that are outside of normal term time or that require specialised tutors.
  • Additional tuition.

Discounts & Promotions:

Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount and/or promotion or offer. All discount systems are subject to change without notice. Discounts currently offered are:

  • 10% discount for all siblings being educated at the same time.
  • 10% discount for all siblings using the school bus service.
  • Pay per year and receive an additional 5% discount on tuition fees.

Additional Charges

School Minibus Fees 2024-2025

(Contact school office for route details)

Termly  Daily
Term 1Term 2Term 3
Round TripOne WayRound TripOne WayRound TripOne WayRound TripOne Way

School Uniform & Other Café Products:

A set of 5 uniforms will cost approximately 5,000 – 7,000 baht per year. Other educational items such as exercise books, personal books such as dictionaries and other stationary such as pens, pencils, rulers, calculators etc. are also available for purchase, prices range from approximately 10 baht to 1,000 baht.

Additional Documentation Fees:

During initial enrolment the school shall provide assistance free of charge and provide one full set of documents normally required to gain the relevant visa. Any renewals or visa extensions following this initial assistance will be charged.

Fees do not include any charges that are imposed by any government agency or commercial agents related to such visa applications and / or visa extensions, with any such charges being the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Additional documentation fees:

Immigration 90-day reporting.1,000.-
Transfer of visa to new passport.3,000.-
Student visa (personal service) at Krabi immigration, per person.3,000.-
Guardian visa (personal service) at Krabi immigration, per person.3,000.-
Open bank account (personal service) at the bank branch in Krabi, per person.2,000.-
Invoice translation into Thai language.300.-
Civil servant cover letter for invoice.300.-
Student grade transcript (non-graduation years).2,000.-
Student reference or attendance letter (non-graduation years).1,000.-
Set of basic school documents only for visa, per set.1,000.-
Other documents & services.Depending on requirement

Third Party Examination Fees:

There are compulsory charges for all external exams years as listed below, these are charged to us by an external supplier and an administration charge is added. The list below provides an approximation of charges for budget purposes only. There may be additional charges for specialised or non-standard examination equipment.

  • Year 6 Cambridge Checkpoint examinations – approx. 3,000.- per subject, total of 3 subjects.
  • Year 9 Cambridge Checkpoint examinations – approx. 4,000.- per subject, total of 3 subjects.
  • Year 11 Cambridge iGSCE exams – approx. 7,500.- per subject, students normally sit 8 subjects.
  • Year 12 Cambridge AS level exams – approx. 8,000.- per subject, student normally sit 4 subjects.
  • Year 13 Cambridge A level exams – approx. 11,000.- per subject, student normally sit 3 subjects.

Chargeable School Trips:

Domestic school trips or those not requiring specialised training are conducted free of charge for all year groups and are included in the yearly tuition fees. However, overseas trips may incur higher costs and are not covered within this announcement.

Additional Tuition Fees:

Your child may be required to attend additional after school language courses if their ability is not good enough to access our curriculum. In such cases you can either attend our additional subject lessons or find tutoring outside of the school. The cost of our lessons is charged at 400 baht per hour per student for group classes, with private one-on-one lessons charged at 800 baht per hour.

Invoicing & Payment

Minimum Charge:

The minimum charge is one full term of tuition with the exception of the initial term of tuition when the student first arrives at the school. In such cases the tuition fee for that initial term will be calculated using the mid-term discount sheet. Following the initial first term any partial term leave will not be deducted for tuition fees for any reason and said term shall be treated and charged as a full term.

Tuition Fee Invoicing:

For all new students an invoice for tuition shall be issued after application acceptance and payable prior to starting school. For students already enrolled and receiving tuition at the school the invoice for the following term shall be issued shortly before half term holidays of the preceding term. For example, Term 2 invoice will be issued shortly before half term holiday of Term 1. 30-day credit terms shall be given to all students who are in good credit standing.

Term of Contract:

We have two distinction terms of contract. Firstly for tuition services, the length of time that the tuition services will be provided is clearly stated on the invoice you receive and ends of the last day of the period stated, this is renewed upon receiving a new invoice. This time period doesn’t have to match up with when a student is officially enrolled at our school. The term of contract for enrolment is separate, being enrolled means a student is part of our school. A student stays enrolled until they decide to leave or they finish Year 11, 12, or 13. While these two things – being enrolled and tuition services – are connected, they are different parts of how our school works and each has its own agreement.

Annual Payment:

An additional discount applies to tuition fees when a full school year is paid. This can only be utilised when Term 1 tuition is due and may not be utilised if a student joins the school during the school year.

Less Than Termly Payment:

Normally tuition fees should be paid termly, however monthly payment plans are available. Due to the increase in administration any payment plan less than termly will be subject to a 3% administration fee. Under this plan, invoices will be issued at the start of the preceding term.

Late Payment Penalties:

These are automated systems run by our accounting software and cannot be reversed. Any invoice for any item or service that is not paid within the due date listed on the invoice will incur a late payment fee of 1.25% per month, calculated from invoice issue date and on the total invoice amount.

Additionally, late payment for tuition fees will incur a second charge of 1,000.- per week after the start to the term invoiced. This shall be invoiced to the parent on each Monday following the start of term.

If a tuition fee invoice is not fully paid within 15 days of the start of term, then the school reserves the right to suspend all services provided. Failure to fully pay tuition fee invoices within 30 days of the start of term will result in the student losing their place in the school and the security deposit will be lost.

Payments are first applied to the oldest invoice automatically. Keep this in mind when paying tuition fees, as it might mean one invoice isn’t fully paid, leading to late payment fees.

Notice of Withdrawal:

One full term’s notice, in writing to the School Administration, is required for any student leaving the school whether that be permanent or temporary removal. Notice must be received at the very latest by the first day of the term prior to the term that the student plans to leave the school. Verbal notice will not be accepted. Once notice has been received then resources will not be ordered for the following term. A request to reverse the decision may be lodged however a school position cannot be guaranteed and there may not be additional costs to special order resources. Consecutive notices will not be accepted.


Security deposits are refundable; no other fee (including tuition fee) or charge is subject to a refund. Refunds shall be made between 60 and 90 days after the end of the term in which notice was given. Any bank charges relating to the refund shall be deducted from the refund. All outstanding monies owed must be paid in full before the security deposit refund will be processed.
Tuition fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

The security deposit is fully refundable under the following circumstances:

  • When a student has attended one full school year of tuition; and
  • When one full term notice has been given (Note: deposit will be lost if correct notice not given); or
  • Upon the graduation from the school (completion of Year 11, 12 or 13).

50% of the security deposit is refundable under the following circumstances:

  • When a student has attended one full term of tuition but less than one full year; and
  • When one full term notice has been given (Note: deposit will be lost if correct notice not given).

When a security deposit is refunded or is forfeited in lieu of sufficient notice, the student has effectively terminated tuition with the school and will forfeit any special discount rights they had. If the student wishes to re-enter the school, the student shall be liable for all fees as a new student.



Bank account details:

Krabi School QR

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)

Beneficiary name: TIS Holding Co., Ltd

Account No.: 8012269185

Branch: Aonang (Krabi)

Swift Code: SICOTHBK (for overseas transfer)