Scholarship Opportunities

Your future is bright at Krabi International School

Krabi International School is proud to offer several scholarship programs – partial and full – which will expand the reach of our world class education and improve the lives of children from a range of backgrounds.

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The Steenbergen Scholarship

Since the very early days of our school, the Steenbergen family from New York have helped us by supporting various projects, including the Mary-Ann Kaarsgaren laboratory, our natural grass sports pitch, the highly efficient solar power system and, most recently, the new school library. Each of these projects came at crucial moments in the evolution of this school, resulting in the Steenbergen scholarship becoming woven into the fabric of Krabi International School.

The program assists young children from the local Thai community by granting them free access to a world class education starting in Year 1 and continuing through to the completion of our IGCSE program at the end of Year 11. The goal is to help these children grow and develop into global citizens, who have the solid academic foundation necessary to make a success of their life in whichever arena they choose, while also showing a responsibility to the community they call home.


This scholarship is awarded in the form of:

  • Full school tuition for 11 school years (up to IGCSE level).
  • 2 sets of standard school uniform and 1 set of PE kit per year.
  • Accident insurance, including cover of up to 10,000 baht per claim.
  • Waiving of all relevant exam costs.
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Scholarship students will receive

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study at an internationally accredited Cambridge School based in their home province.
  • Immersion into a truly international environment, overseen by highly qualified teachers from all over the globe.
  • Exposure to the International Cambridge Curriculum, which offers the world renowned IGCSE and A – Level courses.
  • Education to improve English fluency with native English speakers.

Eligible students:

Children from the local community who belong to families from underprivileged backgrounds.


We currently offer one Steenbergen Scholarship per academic year.

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Krabi School Steenbergen Scholarship Logo
We are currently in the 5th year of the Steenbergen scholarship program.

Academic Scholarships

We offer a 50,000-baht cash credit on school fees for students who achieve well on the Cambridge Checkpoint or IGCSE examinations. Students eligible for these scholarships may enrol at any time after they have achieved the necessary grades.

50,000 THB Cashback

A single 50,000 Thai baht credit applied to school tuition fees for secondary students enrolling onto their subsequent year of study.


Eligible students:
  • Students with at least two scores of 5 in the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations.
  • Students with at least 5 grade B’s at IGCSE level.

Scholarship students will receive

  • The chance to gain the qualifications necessary to secure a place in a top university, either at home in Thailand or abroad.
  • Immersion into a truly international environment, overseen by highly qualified teachers from all over the globe.
  • Access to a school community where they will make lifelong friends with students from over 20 different countries.


We do not currently limit applications for this type of scholarship. However, students must meet our criteria to be considered for the academic scholarship program.

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    Chat directly with us or use the form to send a message:

    Terms and conditions:

    1. The school will be receiving applications for its academic scholarship until July 2022.
    2. The academic scholarship will be awarded in the form of a credit note totalling 50,000 THB available to be used when paying fees for the following academic year.
    3. The academic scholarship cannot be used in conjunction with any other school discount programs, other than the sibling discount.
    4. The academic scholarship is available to current students, for whom the cashback will be available only when paying the following year’s tuition fees.
    5. Applicants for the academic scholarship studying in a non-Cambridge school may sit these examinations at any registered Cambridge test centre, including Krabi International School.
    6. Applicants for the academic scholarship wishing to sit a Cambridge examination will be subject to the normal registration fees.
    7. Applicants for the Steenbergen scholarship will be subject to additional background checks.
    8. The academic scholarship cashback cannot be returned, exchanged for cash, transferred to other parties, or postponed for use when enrolling in future years of study.