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When should my child start?

Krabi School Year 1 age 5Krabi International School begins formal education at the age of 5 years, which is also the age children start year 1 in the U.K. We have found that our year 1 programme provides a balanced mix of play and traditional education to set children up for a lifetime of learning. This is achieved by teaching children the skills to maintain positive social relationships, including ways to help them find their own solutions to problems, learn self-regulation and develop independence.

Moreover, children at Krabi International School are encouraged to work together and take turns in a way that supports the building of strong peer-to-peer relationships, which we believe is essential to a child reaching their full potential.


Benefits to starting school at 5 years of age

Including the following social and academic aspects:

  • Children entering year 1 will develop many of the key skills for effective learning such as creativity, critical thinking, concentration and motivation skills. All of which are extremely useful in every area of their future lives.
  • Year 1 supports early Thai and English communication through a ‘language rich’ environment that uses songs, nursery rhymes, stories and high-quality peer-to-adult interactions that enhance vocabulary, language and communication skills.
  • Children who make the transition from nursery or pre-school to primary school at 5 years old are less likely to grow bored of their important Early Years education, which is vital to developing life-long learning skills.
  • Children who begin year 1 at 5 rather than 6 years old get a ‘head start’ on important areas of school, such as mathematics, Thai and English.
  • There are lasting effects on social and physical areas of a child’s development resulting from year 1 education. For example, at aged 5, there are positive effects on personal, social, and emotional development.
  • Our focus on physical education begins in year 1 and includes at least 3 PE lessons a week taught by the homeroom teacher, who provides an inclusive but challenging environment for each child to learn important coordination skills.
  • Children who enter primary school at 5 years of age are exposed to a range of activities carried out by older children, which can provide them with positive role models.
  • Friendships that children begin in year 1 are often long-lasting and healthy relationships due to the likelihood of progressing through the school years together.
  • Our school gives children the space to learn appropriate classroom behaviour at a young age, so starting at 5 could help your child to develop a greater sense of independence compared to a nursery or pre-school setting.


School Year 1 Age 5 kidsYear 1 at our Krabi International School is a place which aims to support a smooth transition into the school learning environment, using a curriculum specially designed to teach children about school routines, behaviour and practical skills, which helps children to create a positive relationship with the school and surrounding environment.

Studies have shown that the most important period of a child’s life is between the ages of 0 – 5 years, meaning that entering primary education within that 5th year increases their chances of making key steps both socially and academically. Additionally, children in year 1 at our school gain basic knowledge of the English and Thai alphabets, mathematics and other general but essential academic skills that can give them a firm foundation in terms of their future academic lives.


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